The kingdom of Avenshar is ruled by a single king. The king sees to the passing of laws, the levying of taxes and attempts to maintain the overall well-being of Avenshar. The lands of Avenshar, though, are divided up amongst wealthy Noble families. The Nobles wield the real power in the lands, as they, with a majority vote, may override the decision of the king on most matters.

A long history of corruption and self serving actions among the Nobles paved a road towards the unionization of common denizens. Guilds were born, providing the commoner a place of learning and offered a unified voice to be heard amongst the all-to-often squabbling Nobles. Guilds were not only fervently involved in politicing, but they vehemently protected the knowledge they taught ensuring they had control over particularly valuable and much needed labor skills.

Politics, ultimately, involves a delicate balance between Nobles, Guilds, and the King. When political matters are brought up between these groups, a strict protocol of politeness is often observed between parties. However polite the protocol might appear to the untrained onlooker, conversation between two parties is often filled with silk-covered barbs.

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