Throughout the long history of Avenshar, religions have come and gone with the passing of time. Generally, god centered religions have been met with skeptism and the followers of such religions are typically loathed and tormented terribly.

That is not to say that the typical denizen of Avenshar is without beliefs that direct his or her moral and ethical actions, nor is he or she without belief as to the origins or final resting place of mortalkind. Most belief systems, though tailored by racial groups, typically involve the ancient Archons as the long lost benefactors to the world. Such belief systems also look forward to the return of the Archons and their cleansing of wickedness and suffering from the realm of mortals. Deification of the Archons is strictly looked down upon by those who subjugate themselves to any belief system regarding the ancients.

More recent times have given rise to a shamanistic philosophy in which a priest or priestess focuses his or her spiritual energies upon a magical beast, and through meditation, a connection is created to the animal thus allowing the priest(ess) to gain powers associated with the creature. The creature most often considered is the Phoenix for its powers of life, healing, and fire. The described shamanistic concepts dwell side by side with those involving the Archons, and often times both ideals are studied, practiced, and preached within the same religious sect.

Although the Avenshar mainland has many churches and sanctuaries that fulfill the spiritual needs of its people, Kehl's sole source of spiritual enlightenment comes from the warrior priests who meditate at the Temple of the Phoenix.

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