What is Archons of Avenshar?

Archons of Avenshar is a fantasy-themed, text based role playing game, where players assume the role of an adventurer, merchant, or noble. Game play is similar in concept to many of the MUDS one might find on the internet today. However, instead of every activity being handled via pure text, visual metaphors are used to assist the player with certain actions. For example, instead of trying to learn and understand the command interface used to send in-game mail from one player to another, an intuitive graphical interface accepts user input via mouse -- similar to many graphical programs most people are already used to.

AoA still uses the written word to convey information about a player's environment. Players use text commands to interact with the world around them. Commands typically follow a simple verb-noun form and should be fairly easy to use once the basic syntax is understood.

By maintaining an immersive atmosphere through text and by utilizing graphical elements to make certain tasks easier, Archons of Avenshar should be fun for anyone with an imagination and a love for fantasy adventure.

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