Avenshar is not merely a kingdom, it is also the term used by the mortals of the realm to describe the known world. Avenshar, as a kingdom (also referred to as mainland Avenshar), exists on the far shores, across the Nivaron Sea east from the nascent outpost of Kehl. To its north, east and south, Avenshar is bordered by impassible mountains, beyond which lies the unknown. Westward, the Nivaron Sea stretches out into eternity. Although Avenshar is dotted by several hamlets and farming communities, the capital city of Stoneport provides a home and workplace for a large percentage of Avenshar's population.

City of Kehl

The nascent city of Kehl lies across the Nivaron Sea, west of the Avenshar mainlands. The King of Avenshar has poured huge sums of gold into the quick building of the city in the hopes that it will offer Adventurers a launching point in their search for clues regarding the Archons. Kehl offers the amenities an adventurer might seek in an outpost town: A raucaus tavern, an arms and armor shop, guilds to join, and ultimately a place of meager protection and sanctuary from the surrounding environs. Unfortunately, being a town located at a newly established and far reaching portion of the kingdom also brings with it what civilized society might call unsavory aspects. And, although the laws of the kingdom still apply, there are none there to enforce said laws. As a result, justice generally happens at the hands of the mob.

Kehl is divided into four basic quadrants created by the north-south running cobblestones of Farview Drive and the east-west main thoroughfair known as Main Street. Surrounding the city center exists the business district while the residential districts lie further out.

Kehl is surrounded on its four sides by a large, protective barrier wall. Tall watchtowers exist along the wall to aid in the early warning of potential invaders.

Legend of the Archons

From the time of creation, the Archons were given dominion over all of Avenshar. All mortalkind bent a knee in reverence when in the presence of an Archon, as they were without equal among all mortals. For each Archon held within their possession a great artifact possessing powers over life and death; war and peace; famine and plenty; creation and destruction. It was their charge to ensure the sentient mortal races prospered and grew. The Archons were givers of Law and Wisdom, teaching and guiding mortalkind with knowledge regarding the seen and unseen.

As Avenshar grew, so much more did the greed and selfish hearts of mortals. The revelation of mortalkind's true nature came far too late to the Archons. Abusing the knowledge and wisdom provided to them, mortal men held no regard for the law also given. The denizens of Avenshar felt themselves as gods, above the Archons, and no longer desired their guidance. Realizing that mankind would continue uncontrolled, the Archons turned their powers against mortalkind in an attempt to cleanse the world of their growing wickedness. Mortalkind, though, would not be so easily undone. Using the knowledge given to them by the Archons, they forged powerful magics. The war between Archon and mortal was at hand. The sheer numbers of mortalkind allowed them to overtake the Archons, even while suffering tremendous losses. The Archons fell one by one and with each death, a powerful artifact passed to the hands of mortal men. Yet, mortalkind had not the knowledge to harness the power of the relics. Fearing that time would allow men to unlock the secrets of the relics, the remaining Archons at once released the full power of their mystic artifacts, bringing upon the face of Avenshar a measure of death and destruction unseen before this time. The last Archons seemingly disappeared in an fiery storm of massive devastation, taking with them the mortals who possessed their secrets. The remaining peoples were scattered across the face of Avenshar, left to survive without their benevolent care-givers.

Since that time legends of the Archons have passed from generation to generation, each racial group with their own twist. Along with each legend comes an apocalyptic message: In the not so distant future, the Archons shall return and claim their right of dominion over Avenshar and take vengeance upon all mortals who plague the world.

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