The playable races come in the form of Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Vulpari and Issahk.

High Elves

Elves hail from the northern forest of Avenshar main lands. They are generally tall and lithe. Typically, they maintain a strong bond with nature and their surrounding environments. They are more agile and more intelligent than humans, but they are also physically weaker.

Full grown elves come in varying heights, measuring between five and a half feet to six feet tall. Eyes and hair come in a myriad of rich color, not unlike the flora found amongst their dwellings. Elves are often extremely pale or extremely dark in skin tone.

Due to their high intelligence, longevity and social protocols, the other sentient races of Avenshar find elves to appear haughty and stand offish. Elves typically seek intellectual pursuits. They are not 'weak', though. What they lack in sheer physical power, they make up for in strategic use of their amazing agility.


Humans have managed to spread themselves upon the four winds, taking up refuge in any nook or cranny the environs of Avenshar would allow. Generally, they prefer large city like communities in open areas. Hearty and highly adaptive, humans have a knack for survival. Yet, their physical traits in general are average when compared to the other races of Avenshar.

Humans may be found in all shapes and sizes. From tall and thin to short and portly, there is not one defining characteristic aside from the variety these folk exhibit. Hair colors include shades of red, black, brown, and blonde; eyes may be found in shades of blue, green or brown.

The human communities find an exceptional pride and joy in the city of Stoneport. Stoneport was initially a human settlement which ultimately grew and prospered into the capital city of Avenshar's mainland. The current king of Avenshar is of human lineage as have been the kings of the past. Tales and legends even suggest that it was a human, long ago, that brought together the sentient races of the known world resulting in the kingdom of Avenshar.

Mountain Dwarves

Mountain Dwarves call the eastern mountains of Avenshar's mainlands home. For centuries, these barrel chested folk have worked the stone and earth. Blessed with above average strength and amazing fortitude, dwarves are highly survivable. Their most notable traits are stubborness and a love for ales of all varieties.

Dwarves typically stand no more than four feet tall. Their build is often quite rotund - to describe them as 'short and squat' is not an understatement. Their skin tones border on the side of extremely light to pale. Hair colors typically found range between black, brown and a fiery red. Dwarven eye color often comes in black or brown, though other colors such as emerald, are not uncommon.

Beards of males are the pride of the dwarven community. Great care is taken to protect and nurture the beard into a showpiece and status symbol.


The highly agile and intelligent Vulpari claim to come from deep within the forests far south of Avenshar. They are foxlike in appearance with triangular ears set atop their heads and have short fur covering the majority of their bodies. A long, bushy tail completes their appearance. Impish in nature, they have gained the reputation as being pranksters thus causing distrust of their presence amongst both dwarves and elves.

Their build is rather slender and they typically stand between four feet tall and five and a half feet tall. They are highly social with their own kind. Initially, Vulpari are untrusting of other races, yet warm up to them quickly once a minimal trust is gained.


The Issahk are a lizard-like folk that come from a harsh, desert island located south of mainland Avenshar. Along with their digitigrade stance, hairless skin and complete lack of outter ears, they also possess a whip-like tail that is often used during combat to batter their foes.

The Issahk live in clan units comprised of multiple families and are led by the most dominant member of their society. Gender does not play a role in leadership. Instead, a leader is chosen through a long process consisting of brutal, physical matches of strength, agility and fortitude that occassionally end in death.

As the Issahk maintain an intense distrust in magic, very few delve into the practice of manipulating the arcane. Due to their isolated desert environment, brutal ways and distrust of outsiders, the Issahk have never become formal members of the Avensharian kingdom and have been often viewed as enemies. Their recent inclusion into the Avenshar King's call to Kehl has created much rumbling and talk amongst Avenshar's nobles.

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