Although guilds teaching a variety of skills may be found on Avenshar's mainland, only those currently located in Kehl and offering membership are listed below. Guilds not only provide the teaching of skills, spells, and abilities, they also offer an environment of comraderie and friendship. Guild members typically band together and stand united in the face of adversity. A fellow guild member can often be counted on in tough times. Alternatively, members who go against the ideals of the guild are often shunned, tormented, and ultimately banished from the guild. It is not unheard of for guild members to band together against the miscreant and bring upon him or her 'guild justice'.

The following list represents the currently active guilds found in Kehl.

Temple of the Phoenix

The Temple of the Phoenix houses those who devote themselves to the ways of life and fire. The warrior priests of the temple offer healing to the wounded, resurrect those who have fallen and provide spiritual guidance to those in need. Although these monks respect life, their prowess in battle is legenday as they call upon the aspects of the Phoenix to rain fiery torment upon their foes. The priests follow a strict code of shamanistic ideals, searching for enlightenment by focusing their spiritual energies upon the Phoenix - a fiery, mystical bird.

Order of Archmagi

The Order of Archmagi was formed long ago and is the only sanctioned guild that may study the arcane magics of the universe. Upon joining the guild, members are taught to 'see' the strands of magic as they exist in their native, chaotic forms. Magi then learn to weave those strands into meaningful patterns(also called spells) resulting in a particular effect. Spell weaving allows for the crafting of varied magics, ranging from subtle defensive measures, to illusions and ultimately, to highly destructive abilities capabale of leveling entire cities! Mastering the arcane takes years and years of training, but the sheer power one may wield is unmatched by any other form of knowledge possessed by mortalkind.

The Iron Sentinels

The Sentinels are an age old group of martial combatants specializing in the use of arms and armor. These are the men-at-arms of Kehl who provide the first line of defense against those who attempt invasion of the city. Following a strict code of honor and discipline, the Iron Sentinels temper themselves through glorious combat. Do not mistake them as fool-hearty warriors, though, as they are extremely adept in the arts of war.

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