We strive to provide an immersive and fun environment in which players may enjoy countless hours of roleplaying. Several commands, emotes, and character customization options exist, providing you the tools you need to bring your character to life!

What is roleplaying?

Ask fifty people to define roleplaying, and you'll get fifty different answers. Roleplaying, as it pertains to Archons of Avenshar, is the use of your creative energies and imagination to bring your character to life in a way consistant with AoA's fantasy theme. Your character plays an intregal and key part within the fantasy environment, and through his or her actions, you have the ability to affect the game environment and other players.

Although we do not enforce participation in game events, storylines, or even player to player interaction, we strongly enourage it! Games of this nature are highly social.

On a final note, while we require your 'in-game actions' to remain in character, we do provide for out-of-character(OOC) methods of communication. Also provided are places within the game designated OOC. Players who enjoy complete immersion and wish not to be bothered by OOC distractions have the option of not using the OOC capabilities.

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