Archons of Avenshar Features

Archons of Avenshar contains a growing list of features, including
but not limited to:

  • Friendly 'roleplaying encouraged, in-character enforced' environment
  • Skills Based, but not in the grindy "create 5000 copper daggers to increase rank" way
  • Guilds to join and learn skills from - more to come as the story lines unfold
  • Player selectable races, with more coming as the story lines unfold
  • Completely custom client, with minimap, status bars, and several GUI elements to assist game play
  • Growing Helpfile and Emote systems
  • Simple introductory tutorial
  • Ability to customize your character's various sensory related descriptions
  • Up to four characters allowed per account
  • Semi-automated combat requiring the use of skills, spells, and abilities to be truly effective
  • Growing body of content to explore and enjoy
  • Party creation capability; allows for grouping
  • Simple method for submitting bugs/ideas/feedback to a generally responsive administration

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