Welcome to Avenshar, kingdom to those of adventurous spirit, kingdom of noble lords and ladies, and kingdom to craftsmen and merchants. Avenshar is a kingdom steeped in magic and legend, forged through time by the very blood and sweat of its denizens. Though Avenshar's history is marked by long periods of war and conquest, recent times have not been so bloody, nor glorious, nor exciting. As a matter of fact, the last century or so has been a time of peaceful existence...

Yet, across the Nivaron Sea, the outpost city of Kehl has begun to take shape. The king has put out a call to all stalwart adventurers: cross the dangerous waters of the Nivaron Sea and put your skills to work assisting the growth of Kehl and ultimately the Kingdom. Be you a noble, a merchant, or a mercenary, the rewards of fortune and glory can be yours!

Archons of Avenshar(AoA) is a web browser based, fantasy-themed role playing game. Enjoy countless hours of role playing, adventuring and socializing with other players from around the world. Become a mighty adventurer, a crafty merchant, or even a distinguished noble!

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